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talk is cheap my darling.  www.janisbinder.com


talk is cheap my darling.  www.janisbinder.com

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left tumblr for a few months. i come back, and we’re STILL dealing with the issue that guys think their entitled to women and power??

man patriarchy is whack/should get on tumblr more

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"So he tasted the deep pain that is reserved only for the strong, just as he had tasted for a little while the deep happiness."

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Ma Yuan (ca.1160-1225)

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What did they see when they charged into trenches? Or packed up their belongings? Or leaned in for kisses? Or closed their eyes and slept? Was what they saw what they sought in the beginning?

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Goodnight everyone.
We spend our lives either on our feet our in our beds. Here’s hoping that when your feet go to places you’ve never been, you can always find your way back to beds where you’d never leave.

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a great post (even from reddit!) about how to be smart. I don’t know how i’ll end up this semester. I might even fail a course or two! But I’m more excited than ever for the summer, when I can work out how to be smart all by myself. 

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Posting this up here because my diary seems a bit far off, and I’ve missed tumblr as of late. 

It’s been a mentally tumultuous week, with very present and immediate concerns about grades and sleep and health and the 24-hour cycle. Scattered throughout were disappointing recurring emotional and romantic conflicting thoughts, which I suppose are more like the cycle of a few months at this point or so. Mainly, though, was the precipicial view that it will soon be the time to take the big ideas and goals for this life of mine and refine them into a cohesive undergraduate and postgraduate strategy. 

When you have to wake up and consider all you’ve got and all you can do, some things start to get jettisoned real quick. At the very core of it all, I’ve always had the intuition that helping others is important and good, but I’ve never found the reason why. Furthermore, if that is what I would like to do (and at this point it’s probably what I’m most prepared for), I have very little basic ideas of how, or where people need help. That in turn leads to the question of my role in working for others and ethics, as well as more short-term concerns of what I can actually do to make a difference. 

Indulging in a little self-reflection, which this diary seems to have become, I look to a career. Still no solid plans, but I have a firmer outline of the kind of work I’d like to do. As I see things, there are two broad paths I could fall into. To use an analogy, there is the infantryman, on the ground making small steps towards the top of the hill. Facing the environmental challenges, like bullets or funding or whatever, and hoping only to see the small goal in front of him accomplished. 

Continuing the analogy, there is the desk general on the opposite end of the spectrum. Removed from the reality of his ideas, he sits back and posits based on the strawhole view he posses of actual information. There are paradigms, and they are incorporated in a thousand different infantrymen, but he knows that eventually, his paradigms will control the day. 

I reject both of these for their incipient flaws. The infantryman knows little of the cause for which he fights, only that to fight and survive is good. The general knows little of how his ideas play out in the real world, and how they are conflicted by differing and opposing generals. 

Instead, I seek to be a field commander. To see the widest scope possible for the purpose of keeping the infantryment alive and moving the front forward. A blend of ideas and movement. Action and reflection. 

It’s not a clearly defined position in the areas in which I am interested, but the internet is a vast and great tool. I can already find the ideas and heroes in whose tread I would follow, even if they are rare in the actual world around me. Questions like the future of sustainability, of the metrics that control our lives and how we interact on a daily basis, what motivates us, and who benefits from our motivations. How do we organize ourselves formally and informally, and is there anything that can be done to change those? I want to both answer the question in theory and practice. 

At this point, I’m not sure what more there is to say. Here’s a quote, passed along by someone I truly briefly and quickly admire. 

Art is a different value system. Like God, it fails us continually. Like God, we have legitimate doubts about its existence but, like God, art leaves us with footprints of beauty. We sense there is more to life than the material world can provide, and art is a clue, an intimation, at its best, a transformation. We don’t need to believe in it, but we can experience it. The experience suggests that the monolith of corporate culture is only a partial reality. This is important information, and art provides it.”- J Winsterson

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3/14/13 4:36p

To Whom It May Concern,

I am very interested in the internship opportunities you have to offer. For your consideration I have attached my resume and cover letter. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Parker

3/21/13 10:32p

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Screenwriter/Director/Producer/Animator/Magician: Hayao Miyazaki 

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Lord, she’s restless like cotton candy clouds
That sail the day slow and free
And she possesses a mind that can’t resign itself
To stay for long with me

Though I’ve tried and tried to keep her tied and satisfied
Until she really needs me, yes I do
But when that certain look comes on her face
I can’t replace it and she leaves me

She’s a butterfly in mid July who just can’t wait
To try her brand new wings on brand new things
And she needs no rhyme or reason, when she goes
Her mind is on what lies beyond

That wall of blue horizon, I suppose and heaven knows
She’ll go sailin’ off on any old wind that blows
Yes, she will, yes, she will
She’ll go sailin’ off on any old wind that blows

I know she needs me about
as much as I need someone else
Which I don’t and if need be
I swear some day I’ll up and leave myself, which I won’t

Even if she loved another man
I’d understand it more than I do
Mmm, mmm, mmm but I know the only reason
That she ever had for leavin’ is she wants to

any old wind that blows- Johnny Cash